Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I sometimes wonder what they knew, and how they felt

For the 25 Girls
September 18, 2006

This is for the 25 girls in my grade 9 gym class.
For the girls who knew what went wrong
And the ones who never noticed.
For the ones who cared,
And the ones who were scared and ashamed.
For the girls who spoke like a well of tears
And the ones who were silent.
For the ones who blamed themselves.
For the girls who never questioned the blood stains the next class.
And those who never came back.
For the girls I finally told,
And the ones I loved too much to tell.
For the girls who begged me to cheer on their teams
And the ones who realized that I’d never go back.
For the girl who discovered my torn clothing the next day;
If she wondered where it came from, or never asked.
If she knew inside.
If she told.
My name was written in sharpie on the tags.
This is for the girls who left the school
And never found out.
And the ones who knew who did it.
This is for my friends
Who were never the same
And the girl whose face
Was the last thing I saw before his.
I still think her face is beautiful.
This is for the 25 girls who were with me
The day I was raped
After grade 9 gym class.

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