Thursday, October 28, 2004

Nothing Happened

I remember when nothing happened. When everybody just sat, and remembered, and recalled bluntly that nothing had happened, nothing ever had happened, nothing would ever happen. It’s like that online torrent of answer that translate to “nothing much, you?”, when really, everything is happening and nobody even knows it. And it’s so automatic that nobody stops to realize that it isn’t true. They don’t even bother to write it in real words; it’s always just the same “nm, u?” and the conversation ends.
But what is nothing much? Really it’s everything. In my world, nothing is everything and everything is nothing. And red means green and green means red so you can cross all the roads as you reach them; don’t wait. Every time, I’m forced to reply “nothing much,” it’s like there’s something missing. Because even though I say that nothing is everything, it’s an all-to-common and hardly true reality that nothing is nothing, and that’s how it is. And so, nothing will happen ever again, as people rush through their jam-packed lives and never stop to realize that everything is happening, and they don’t bother to know it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

my life is currently a marshmallow-toothpick tower. somebody is gradually poking it, and if you poke a marshmallow-toothpick tower too hard or too many times, it falls down. i think that's going to happen quite soon.