Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day One, Second Period

So, I told my class, via an essay. Here's what I wrote. A poem I wrote, rather. The essay is too much for today.


Everybody knows now.
Come into class, see almost 20 pairs of eyes
Look away, because
They don’t know what to say now.
My class is like pinhole-camera paper.
All clear and pristine
In one collective cardboard box
And then if somebody pokes a hole
It changes their reality
And if you develop them
There’s nothing there
Because knowledge wipes away
Everything that they know.
People who don’t know
What to say
Wash around me in the halls
Like a confused ocean
On Saturn
With a few too many moons.
Eye contact is ok.
Eye contact is ok.
Eye contact is ok.
I keep secrets far too long
So now please don’t avert me.