Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Ocean in my Mind

I just got back from camp. I wrote this on August 9th. It's a bit different than everything else on here. But that's good, right? It means I think about other things.

75% of the world is water. 75% of my brain is water. I can therefore safely conclude that the world and my brain are one and the same. My brain has many parts. Some are packed tight with ideas. These ideas come in many colours, shapes, and sizes. The ideas have ideas of their own, and form powerful thoughts when I listen to them. Other parts are oceans. On the surface, they are vast areas of emptiness where I can’t push my thoughts above a crashing wave. But underneath, the holes in my brain are teeming with thoughts, colours, energy, and excitement. Trouble is, these ocean-holes are the best parts of my brain, but my own personal aquatic life needs air to breathe but can’t crawl up on land. All the colour fades away and dies. 75% of the earth and 75% of my brain is essential and beautiful, powerful and large, and never does what it’s supposed to do.

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