Monday, February 2, 2004

Poems :)

The Fragmented
January 8th, 2004

I sometimes wonder if reality’s truly there
Or if my life and my memories
Are merely a phantasma
Conjured up by my own dizzy mind.

My thoughts emerge like
The lost shadow of a loved one,
Approaching silently through the mist
As a colourless silhouette.

I try to take a snapshot
Of the vibrant and unreal hues
But as I capture them, they vanish,
Into the distant haze of my buried memories.

January 9th, 2004

I cradle the image of innocence
Gently in the palm of my hand
As the galaxy is shattered and rebuilt
With the joy, love and change
This being brings.

So subtle, it might remain unnoticed
But still, so truly there
As the hope this baby brings
Radiates from its glassy eyes.
The truest angel is born.

January 31st, 2004

Another life once free from flaws.
Another heart in horror’s jaws.
Another frown that never thaws.
Another grief without a cause.

A smile dissolving into tears.
A crystal ball that’s shattered.
A person who knows only fears
Whose dreams are bruised and battered.

Another person crying out
With wrenching, anguished pleading.
But all the world ignores her shout
And what her face is reading.

An innocent angel now is dead.
Her sorrows stained the gutter red.
If only people hadn’t said
That all her pain was in her head.

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